"Ananda, let any living being of any country in the world copy out this mantra in writing on materials native to his region, such as birch bark, pattra, plain paper, or white cotton cloth, and store it in a pouch containing incense. If that person wears the pouch on his body, or if he keeps a copy in his home, then you should know that even if he understands so little that he cannot recite it from memory, he will not be harmed by any poison during his entire life." ~ The Buddha says of the Shurangama Mantra in the Shurangama Sutra .

"The Shurangama Mantra is considered to be the king of mantras because it is the longest and most important. The entire title of the Shurangama Mantra is "Great White Canopy of Light Dharani Mantra". It is also called "Brilliant Buddha's Crown, Great White Canopy of Light, Unsurpassed Spiritual Mantra". Every line, from beginning to end, is the Buddha's mind-ground Dharma-door. Each line has its own function; each possesses its own esoteric power; and each is endowed with incredible power. It can be said that within the mantra can be found the entirety of Buddhism's teachings and meanings. If you sincerely and continually recite the Shurangama Mantra, then you can get rid of your karmic obstacles from last life and all past lives. That's the incredible function of the Shurangama Mantra!" ~ By Venerable Master Hsuan Hua

You can read Master Hsuan Hua's entire lecture here .


The Shurangama Mantra is comprised of 5 assemblies or sections. You can read the text edition here. It is in Chinese romanization to assist you in reading the mantra if you can not read Chinese. I've also found the Youtube audio of the entire mantra posted by dichquan. There are two chanting versions: standard and slow. I highly recommend you listen to the slow version first since the chanting for the standard one is very fast pace.

Beginning Section

Slow Version

Assembly 1

Assembly 2 & 3

Assembly 4&5

Standard Version

Assembly 1

Assembly 2&3

Assembly 4&5


"To recite it a full five times in one evening is to wipe away your heavy offenses of hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands,tens of thousands of millions of aeons of birth and death". - The Dharani Sutra

The Great Compassion Mantra (Da Bei Zhou / 大悲咒) is also referred to as:

* The Mahakaruna Dharani Sutra Great Compassion Mantra

* The Great Compassion Mantra of Avalokitesvara

* Mantra of Avalokitesvara

* Great Compassion Heart Dharani

* Nilakantha Dharani

* Maha Karuna Dharani

Excerpts from The Dharani Sutra translated by the Buddhist Text Translation Society, Dharma Realm Buddhist University, USA

If humans and gods recite and hold the phrases of the Great Compassion Mantra, then when they approach the end of life, all the Buddhas of the ten directions will come to take them by the hand to rebirth in whatever Buddhaland they wish, according to their desire.

Should any living beings who recites and holds the spiritual mantra of Great Compassion fall into the three evil paths, I vow not to realise the right enlightenment. Should any living being who recites and holds the spiritual mantra of Great Compassion not be reborn in any Buddhaland, I vow not to realise the right enlightenment. Should any living being who recites and holds the spiritual mantra of Great Compassion not obtain unlimited samadhis and eloquence, I vow not to realise the right enlightenment. Should any living being who recites and holds the spiritual mantra of Great Compassion not obtain the fruits of whatever is sought in this very life, then he cannot have been making proper use of the Dharani of the Great Compassion Heart.

People and gods who recite and hold the Great Compassion Mantra will obtain fifteen kinds of good birth and will not suffer fifteen kinds of bad death.

The bad deaths are:

1. They will not die of starvation or privation.
2. They will not die from having been yoked, imprisoned, caned or otherwise beaten.
3. They will not die at the hands of hostile enemies.
4. They will not be killed in military battle.
5. They will not be killed by tigers, wolves, or other evil beasts.
6. They will not die from the venom of poisonous snakes, black serpents, or scorpions.
7. They will not drown or be burned to death.
8. They will not be poisoned to death.
9. They will not die as a result of sorcery.
10. They will not die of madness or insanity.
11. They will not be killed by landslides or falling trees.
12. They will not die of nightmares sent by evil people.
13. They will not be killed by deviant spirits or evil ghosts.
14. They will not die of evil illnesses which bind the body.
15. They will not commit suicide.

Those who recite and hold the spiritual Mantra of Great Compassion will not suffer any of these fifteen kinds of bad death and will obtain the following fifteen kinds of good birth:

1. Their place of birth will always have a good king.
2. They will always be born in a good country.
3. They will always be born at a good time.
4. They will always meet good friends.
5. The organs of their body will always be complete.
6. Their heart will be pure and full in the way.
7. They will not violate the prohibitive precepts.
8. Their family will be kind and harmonious.
9. They will always have the necessary wealth and goods in abundance.
10. They will always obtain the respect and help of others.
11. Their riches will not be plundered.
12. They will obtain everything they seek.
13. Dragons, gods, and good spirits will always protect them.
14. In the place where they are born they will see the Buddha and hear the Dharma.
15. They will awaken to the profound meaning of that Proper Dharma which they hear.

Those who recite and hold the Great Compassion Mantra will obtain these fifteen kinds of good birth. All gods and people should constantly recite and hold it, without carelessness.

To uphold and master the Great Compassion Heart Dharani Dharma-door, one should diligently and sincerely recite this mantra daily. One can recite it 3 times or 5 times, or even 108 times or any number of times according to one's convenience and suitability.

Audio and Video Options

The Great Compassion Mantra MP3 / Monk Chant

Youtube videos of The Great Compassion in Sanskrit, Chinese, and Vietnamese are below: . The Great Compassion Mantra lyrics in Sanskrit by Adeline108
The Great Compassion Mantra verses in Sanskrit by LilaSakura
The Great Compassion Mantra verses in Chinese by Lionriver
The Great Compassion Mantra verses in Chinese by Jayadiri
The Great Compassion Mantra verses in Vietnamese by Contraitube

The Great Compassion Mantra lyrics in Sanskrit:

Namo Ratna Trayaya
Nama Arya Jyana
Sagara Vairochana
Byuhara Jaya Tathagataya
Arahate Samyaksam Buddhaya
Namah Sarwa Tathagate Bhyayh Arahatda Bhayh
Samyaksam Buddhe Bhayh
Namah Arya Awalokite
Shoraya Bohisatwaya
Maha Karunikaya
Tatyata Om Dhara Dhara
Dhiri Dhiri
Dhuru Dhuru
Iti Wit Je Chalee Chalee
Purachale Purachale
Kusume Kusama Wa Re
Ili Mili Chiti
Jwala Mapanaya Shoha

General Translation:
1. Adoration the noble Avalokitesvara, bodhisattva, the great compassionate one.
2. Having paid adoration to One who Dispels all Fears, O noble Avalokitesvara, to You adoration, O Nilakantha.
3. I shall enunciate the 'heart' dharani which ensures all purposes, is pure and invincible for all beings, and which purifies the path of existence.
4. Thus: Lord of Effulgence, the World-Transcending One. Come, come, great bodhisattva, descend, descend. Bear in mind my heart-dharani. Do do the work. Hold fast, oh Victor, oh Great Victor. Hold on, hold on, oh Lord of the Dharani. Move, move oh my immaculate image, come come.
Destroy every poison. Quick, bear in mind, quick, quick, descend, descend. Being enlightened, being enlightened, enlighten me, enlighten me. Oh merciful
Nilakantha appear unto me. To you who eyes us, hail. To the Great Siddha hail. To the Great Siddha in Yoga hail. To Nilakantha hail. To the Boar-feaced hail.
5. Adoration to the Triple Gem. Adoration to the noble Avalokitesvara bodhisattva, hail.

The Great Compassion Mantra lyrics in Vietnamese:

1. Nam m hắc ra đt na đ ra dạ da
2. Nam m a rị da
3. B l yết đế thước bt ra da
4. Bồ Đề tt đỏa b da
5. Ma ha tt đỏa b da
6. Ma ha ca l ni ca da
7. n
8. Tt bn ra phạt duệ
9. Số đt na đt tả
10.Nam m tất kiệt lật đỏa y mng a rị da
11.B l kiết đế thất Phật ra lăng đ b
12.Nam m na ra cẩn tr
13.H rị, ma ha bn đa sa mế
14.Tt b tt b a tha đậu du bằng
15.A thệ dựng
16.Tt b tt đa na ma b tt đa
17.Na ma b d
18.Ma phạt đạt đậu đt điệt tha
19.n. A b l h
20.L ca đế
21.Ca ra đế
22.Di h rị
23.Ma ha bồ đề tt đỏa
24.Tt b tt b
25.Ma ra ma ra
26.Ma h ma h rị đ dựng
27.Cu l cu l yết mng
28.Độ l đồ l phạt x da đế
29.Ma ha phạt x da đế
30.Đ la đ ra
31.Địa rị ni
32.Thất Phật ra da
33.Gi ra gi ra
34.Mạ mạ phạt ma ra
35.Mục đế lệ
36.Y h di h
37.Thất na thất na
38 Ra sm Phật ra x lợi
39.Phạt sa phạt sm
40.Phật ra x da
41.H l h l ma ra
42.H l h l h lỵ
43.Ta ra ta ra
44.Tất rị tất rị
45.T r t r
46.Bồ Đề dạ Bồ Đề dạ
47.Bồ đ dạ bồ đ dạ
48.Di đế lỵ dạ
49.Na ra cẩn tr
50.Địa rị sắc ni na
51.B dạ ma na
52.Ta b ha
53.Tất dd dạ
54.Ta b ha
55.Ma ha tất đ dạ
56.Ta b ha
57.Tất đ dũ nghệ
58.Thất bn ra dạ
59.Ta b ha
60.Na ra cẩn tr
61.Ta b ha
62.Ma ra na ra
63.Ta b ha
64.Tất ra tăng a mục kh da
65.Ta b ha
66.Ta b ma ha a tất đ dạ
67.Ta b ha
68.Giả kiết ra a tất đ dạ
69.Ta b ha
70.Ba đ ma kiết tất đ dạ
71.Ta b ha
72.Na ra cẩn tr bn đ ra dạ
73.Ta b ha
74.Ma b rị thắng yết ra dạ
75.Ta b ha
76.Nam m hắc ra đt na đa ra dạ da
77.Nam m a rị da
78.B l kiết đế
79.Thước bn ra dạ
80.Ta b ha
81.n. Tất điện đ
82.Mạn đ ra
83.Bạt đ gia
84.Ta b ha.

The Great Compassion Mantra lyrics in Chinese:

  1. 南無.喝囉怛那.哆囉夜耶.
  2. 南無.阿唎耶.
  3. 婆盧羯帝.爍缽囉耶.
  4. 菩提薩埵婆耶.
  5. 摩訶薩埵婆耶.
  6. 摩訶迦盧尼迦耶.
  7. 唵.
  8. 薩皤囉罰曳.
  9. 數怛那怛寫.
  10. 南無悉吉慄埵.伊蒙阿唎耶.
  11. 婆盧吉帝.室佛囉愣馱婆.
  12. 南無.那囉謹墀.
  13. 醯利摩訶皤哆沙咩.
  14. 薩婆阿他.豆輸朋.
  15. 阿逝孕.
  16. 薩婆薩哆.那摩婆薩哆.那摩婆伽.
  17. 摩罰特豆.
  18. 怛姪他.
  19. 唵.阿婆盧醯.
  20. 盧迦帝.
  21. 迦羅帝.
  22. 夷醯唎.
  23. 摩訶菩提薩埵.
  24. 薩婆薩婆.
  25. 摩囉摩囉.
  26. 摩醯摩醯.唎馱孕.
  27. 俱盧俱盧.羯蒙.
  28. 度盧度盧.罰闍耶帝.
  29. 摩訶罰闍耶帝.
  30. 陀囉陀囉.
  31. 地唎尼.
  32. 室佛囉耶.
  33. 遮囉遮囉.
  34. 摩麼.罰摩囉.
  35. 穆帝隸.
  36. 伊醯伊醯.
  37. 室那室那.
  38. 阿囉嘇.佛囉舍利.
  39. 罰沙罰參.
  40. 佛囉舍耶.
  41. 呼嚧呼嚧摩囉.
  42. 呼嚧呼嚧醯利.
  1. 娑囉娑囉.
  2. 悉唎悉唎.
  3. 蘇嚧蘇嚧.
  4. 菩提夜.菩提夜.
  5. 菩馱夜.菩馱夜.
  6. 彌帝唎夜.
  7. 那囉謹墀.
  8. 地利瑟尼那.
  9. 波夜摩那.
  10. 娑婆訶.
  11. 悉陀夜.
  12. 娑婆訶.
  13. 摩訶悉陀夜.
  14. 娑婆訶.
  15. 悉陀喻藝.
  16. 室皤囉耶.
  17. 娑婆訶.
  18. 那囉謹墀.
  19. 娑婆訶.
  20. 摩囉那囉.
  21. 娑婆訶.
  22. 悉囉僧.阿穆佉耶.
  23. 娑婆訶.
  24. 娑婆摩訶.阿悉陀夜.
  25. 娑婆訶.
  26. 者吉囉.阿悉陀夜.
  27. 娑婆訶.
  28. 波陀摩.羯悉陀夜.
  29. 娑婆訶.
  30. 那囉謹墀.皤伽囉耶.
  31. 娑婆訶.
  32. 摩婆利.勝羯囉夜.
  33. 娑婆訶.
  34. 南無喝囉怛那.哆囉夜耶.
  35. 南無阿唎耶.
  36. 婆嚧吉帝.
  37. 爍皤囉夜.
  38. 娑婆訶.
  39. 唵.悉殿都.
  40. 漫多囉.
  41. 跋陀耶.
  42. 娑婆訶.
In Pinyin

1) Namo He La Da Na Dwo La Ye Ye

2) Na Mwo E Li Ye

3) Pwo Lu Jye Di Shau Bwo La Ye

4) Pu Ti Sa Tuo Pwo Ye

5) Mwo He Sa Tuo Pwo Ye

6) Mwo He Jya Lu Ni Jya Ye

7) Om

8) Sa Pan La Fa Ye

9) Su Dan Na Da Sye

10) Namo Syi Ji Li Tuo Yi Meng E Li Ye

11) Pwo Lu Ji Di Shr Fwo La Leng Tuo Pwo

12) Namo Na La Jin Chr

13) Syi Li Mwo He Pan Dwo Sa Mye

14) Sa Pwo E Two Dou Shu Peng

15) E Shr Yun

16) Sa Pwo Sa Dwo Na Mwo Pwo Sa Dwo - Na Mwo Pwo Jia

17) Mwo Fa Te Dou

18) Da Jr Two

19) Om E Pwo Lu Syi

20) Lu Jya Di

21) Jya La Di

22) Yi Syi Li

23) Mwo He Pu Ti Sa Tuo

24) Sa Pwo Sa Pwo

25) Mwo La Mwo La

26) Mwo Syi Mwo Syi Li Tuo Yun

27) Jyu Lu Jyu Lu Jye Meng

28) Du Lu Du Lu Fa She Ye Di

29) Mwo He Fa She Ye Di

30) Tuo La Tuo La

31) Di Li Ni

32) Shr Fwo La Ye

33) Je La Je La

34) Mwo Mwo Fa Mwo La

35) Mu Di Li

36) Yi Syi Yi Syi

37) Shr Na Shr Na

38) E La Shen Fwo La She Li

39) Fa Sha Fa Shen

40) Fwo La She Ye

41) Hu Lu Hu Lu Mwo La

42) Hu Lu Hu Lu Syi Li

43) Swo La Swo La

44) Syi Li Syi Li

45) Su Lu Su Lu

46) Pu Ti Ye Pu Ti Ye

47) Pu Tuo Ye Pu Tuo Ye

48) Mi Di Li Ye

49) Nwo La Jin Chr

50) Di Li Shai Ni Na

51) Pwo Ye Mwo Na

52) Swo Pwo He

53) Syi Tuo Ye

54) Swo Pwo He

55) Mwo He Syi Tuo Ye

56) Swo Pwo He

57) Syi Tuo Yu Yi

58) Shr Pan La Ye

59) Swo Pwo He

60) Nwo La Jin Chr

61) Swo Pwo He

62) Mwo La Nwo La

63) Swo Pwo He

64) Syi La Seng E Mu Chywe Ye

65) Swo Pwo He

66) Swo Pe Mwo He Syi Two ye

67) Swo Pe He

68) Je Ji La E Syi Tuo Ye

69) Swo Pwo He

70) Bwo Tuo Mwo Jye Syi Tuo Ye

71) Swo Pwo He

72) Nwo La Jin Chr Pan Chye La Ye

73) Swo Pwo He

74) Mwo Pwo Li Sheng Jye La Ye

75) Swo Pwo He

76) Namo He La Dan Nwo Dwo La Ye Ye

77) Namo E Li Ye

78) Pwo Lu Jye Di

79) Shau Pan La Ye

80) Swo Pwo He

81) Om Syi Dyan Du

82) Man Dwo La

83) Ba Tuo Ye

84) Swo Pwo He